Plumtree Portal

A trend has been for companies to use enterprise portals to manage their diverse IT content. Portals present users with personalized information and bring content from multiple backend systems into a single interface. Plumtree is arguably the premiere portal vendor, and it is on Plumtree's software that have been working since September of 2000.

I am currently responsible for creating SPL Worldgroup's portal. I built a demo portal to gain senior management's buy-in, then I built the production portal, including customized integration with Lotus Notes and Siebel. Read the overview of this project that began in September 2002 and continues to the present (March 2003).

I worked with Arthur J. Gallagher & Co, a $3 billion insurance company, as its Plumtree specialist as the company designed and implemented its portal. You can read more information about this project in which I assisted the development team work most efficiently with Plumtree. This project was from March 2002 to July 2002.

I was responsible for all aspects of installing, deploying, and maintaining's Plumtree portal, SCIview. You read the overview of that work that began in September 2000 and continued full-time until October 2001.

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