Portal for Insurance Broker

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co, one of the worlds largest insurance brokers and on track to have $1 billion in revenues this year (2002), has decided to address the communication needs of its employees and customers through a portal.

For the months of March through July, I consulted with AJG to help its team of developers efficiently excel in its portal development. After helping the other developers become familiar with the Plumtree environment, I focused on building a suite of Plumtree gadgets for web content management and content publishing. This system included:

  • support for multiple authors
  • an article approval process
  • email alerts for approvers
  • article versioning and rollbacks
  • a template system
  • and of course, more

Major elements of the AJG deployment include:

  • Reworking the structure and functionality of the Plumtree user interface, for example, extending the gadget registration to customize features and rendering of gadgets.
  • Creating a security framework that greatly extends Plumtree's built-in features to allow more granularity of user rights while reducing user administration
  • Creating web-based content editing and approval processes
  • Creating collaborative workspace for employees and clients to more easily and quickly move through the forms and information tied to the insurance industry

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