From September 2000 until October 2001, I was webmaster at a software company called Thereafter, I continued to contract to the company periodically for upgrades, modifications, and troubleshooting of its Plumtree portal.

Internal Work--I was primarily responsible for developing and maintaining resources to facilitate the work of others in the company. When I began in September of 2000, my primary concern was to install and deploy its Plumtree portal. Part of this project was to transition the previous intranet content into the portal environment. Highlights of this project included:

After I finished that project, my role with regard to the portal turned to one of maintenance and tool creation. I built web applications usually with ASP code on a SQL Server 7 database to streamline many tasks related to content creation, modification, and retrieval.

External Work--The public web site was a project of the marketing department that I became involved with in the second half of my full-time employment with When marketing reduced its staff, it turned the technical aspects of the site over to me. I converted the site from inconsistently coded HTML pages into easy to maintain ASP pages. I added tools to help monitor and interpret customer's interactions with the site, and I created tools to make outbound communication easier for marketing.

Team is interesting in that none of its locations has the majority of its staff. In addition to working well with those located in the same office as me, I had the chance to build positive working relationships with other employees who in many cases I never met face to face. I was successful in these relationships to the point that my employer allowed me to work remotely for many months, all the while being pleased with my team participation.

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