Java / JSP

As a contractor on the AJG's portal project, I was responsible for implementing Plumtree's Collaboration Server product according to the company's business requirements. Collaboration Server is a Java/JSP product running on BEA's WebLogic server.

This was my first major involvement with Java. Over the course of my customizations, I created several web applications within the product that make available different feature sets of the product. From the portal side, I register gadgets (snap-in components) to render their content and links from the appropriate .war file and then once users click through the gadget into Collaboration Server, they are only given the features of the product relevant to our business needs. I am much more limited with Java than I am with the other languages discussed on this platform, but certainly with the combination of a programming background, a Wrox book, being immersed in a Java product, and time to work within it, I'll continue to quickly move toward a more complete skill level.

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