I am comfortable working with both Unix and Windows servers. This web site is one of a dozen or so that I host for myself and others on a BSDi server running Apache. All the Plumtree implementations I've worked on have been on Windows NT or 2000 servers. I am comfortable establishing new web sites on these machines, configuring existing ones, and so forth. Windows servers are nice because forgotten functions and commands appear on the screen regardless of your human memory. Unix machines are great because they allow so much flexibility with how settings are managed.

Load Balancing
At SPL Worldgroup, I worked frequently with an Equalizer load balancer from Coyote Point. I worked with the server clusters in Equalizer--the load balancer's own configuration preceded my involvement.

Java Web Servers
My experience with Java web servers has mostly revolved around my use of applications built on them. Most importantly, I have deployed and customized Plumtree Collaboration Server on BEA WebLogic. I have also used WebLogic with divine Content Server. My development environment runs Apache Tomcat.

DNS Servers
I manage the DNS records for several sites I host. The place where I've gotten most involved with DNS, though, has been with clients of my previous employer, Utopia Communication. Our service required clients to assign an MX record (for mail) and a CNAME (for the web server) for their domain to IP addresses we control. We then offered e-mail and more to the site's users. I worked with Utopia's network engineer to decide the best way to host these services, and I instructed ISPs on modifying DNS records. When possible I started by using named-xfer to retrieve their DNS record, then showed them the changes required. Take a look at the documentation I gave a client for this.

On the hardware side of servers, I was involved extensively in collocation and global networking issues while working on the CODETEL NAP project in the Dominican Republic. I was also responsible for negotiating collocation with Globix, Utopia Communication's provider. While in these planning stages, I did extensive research and learning about voice-over-IP providers, systems, and business models. Buy some stock in a sector and tell me if you can easily avoid learning about the niche.

I have done enough work and research into the streaming of media files to be comfortable with common creation and distribution features of the RealMedia products RealProducer and RealServer.

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