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Welcome Archaeologists and Historians. Please note:

  • Since 2001 this site has been essentially unchanged.
  • To find details of my recent work, visit my blog.
  • Recruiters, I seek no new opportunities, so please do not contact me.

In 2001 I created this site to promote my services as a Plumtree consultant and web developer. After successful independent consulting, Plumtree invited me to join its team in 2003. BEA bought Plumtree in 2005, and the latter's product was rebranded Aqualogic User Interaction. Oracle bought BEA in 2008, and the product was rebranded Webcenter Interaction. Oracle wasn't the type of company I would join deliberately, and in 2011 I moved to Boeing's portal team.

My resume is years out of date, updated in 2005.

Enjoy your visit.

Bill Benac

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